Microsoft Office Communicator 2005

Microsoft Office Communicator 2005

Need IM in the office but cant use Windows Messenger? get Office own IM!
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Office communicator 2005 was the predecessor of the well known windows messenger which as the same time was based on the popular IM Client MSN Messenger. When Windows Messenger 5.1 was released, support for exchange and sip account were removed therefore only passport (hotmail) account, leaving the IM client useless for corporates environments with domains and email servers.

Microsoft then released an IM designed for corporate environment as part of their office suite but not included on the bundle. Office Communicator support the same features that Windows messenger offered plus an integration with Microsoft Office, feature that really make it impact.

For example, your status on office communicator changes according your outlook calendar, also when you are going to be available or the out of office message appears besides your name.

Like Windows Live Messenger, it allows you to add a message besides your name, besides let you save your chat history automatically, you can save it as a file or send it by email inmediately.

To be able to use Office communicator 2005, the network admin need to install windows live communicator software.

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  • New Design
  • New features not included on Windows Messenger


  • Not easy to deploy on small business
  • Requires Office Communication Server 2005
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